Learning Tree Academy is a new and dedicated daycare center that offers everyday care for your children.

We provide a safe and fun environment, combined with proven educational practices. Our programming is built upon the foundation of a blend of Emergent and HighScope™ curriculum models so that children develop as independent and confident learners from an early age. Our staff provides the best quality learning environments which help to enrich the children’s development holistically.

Daycare is a vital part of children’s lives. It is the beginning of socialization and learning for many of our children. At Learning Tree Academy all of children will learn their basic social skills and begin the process of early learning and being prepared for school.

Our daycare center program goals are intricately connected to the four foundations of the learning as set out by the Ministry of Education's Pedagogy, including the objectives of;






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Our Offered Nutrition

daycare meals can get repetitive, Learning Tree Academy’s menu offers organic and nutritious meals and snacks prepared by the on-site chef and nutritionist fuel the children throughout the day.

We believe that in order for our children to grow to be healthy and strong, they need to be provided with a foundation of healthy and nutritious meals.

Our teachers are passionate educators with years of daycare center experience.

Their goal is to help children develop their skills and foster healthy self-esteem and confidence through a variety of supportive and stimulating daily activities.

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Classes separate into small groups,
so a healthy attitude towards learning is developed

Classes also allow for large group activities to ensure that all children experience social gatherings. The daily curriculum is designed to engage children in experiences to enhance language, literacy, music and movement, art and socialization, all through play.

“If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.”

 – Piaget

“Social interaction is the origin and engine of learning.” 

– Vygotsky

“Knowledge is the product of the interaction between an individual and the environment, understanding such as something social and cultural, not just physical.”

– Vygotsky

“Play is the answer to the question, ‘How does anything new come about?”

– Jean Piaget

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